Adult Performance Training

Our Adult Training Program is performance training for life! Designed for our adult population who have goals to improve their athleticism, challenge their body and pursue a lifestyle of health and happiness!

Wether you are planning to train for a 5K or improve upon your golf and tennis game, our APT Program will assist in reducing chronic pain, increase your strength and improve your range of motion where it is needed most! 

All APT Clients must perform an initial Performance Assessment (included in program) in order to evaluate progress through the training program.

All APT Clients have full, complementary access to our Hyperice Recovery Tools and modalities aimed to aid in muscular recovery and overall joint range of motion !

To learn more and to schedule your initial APT Training session, please visit the link below!


“The APT Program at OCSM was unlike anything I have done on my own or at a conventional gym. The level of service I was given and the attention to detail during the assessment was really unique. It has helped me reduce my chronic back pain and I plan to run a 5k for the holidays!”
Catherine B.

I work in a corporate office and I dont have much time to train which made me attracted to the APT program. Unlike Personal Training, the APT program has coaches around at all times to watch form, converse with you and keep you steady with your program. I love it. It is unlike anything I have done and my results are proof that the program works!
David R.

As a school teacher I am always on my feet and lacking motivation. I really didn’t know what to expect with the program, but to my Plesant surprise I really love it. My body misses the training when I skip (Sorry!) and it has shown that even though I’m older, my pain has reduced, I sleep better and I have more energy. I love the APT program, plus the coaches are very nice and informative Denise L.

Over the past several months my wife and I needed to get back into a routine. The APT program was our answer.
Our jobs keep us with challenging schedules but the APT program keeps you structured, no guess work and the program is personalized off our assessment.
We love how we feel and we love the Hyperice Recovery System and massage guns!
Juan and Kristen F.

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