Our Story

“Our Mission is to Always Be Better Than Who We Were Yesterday”

OCSM Sports Performance is the leading Strength & Conditioning facility in the Greater New Orleans Area. Founded on the principles of family, community building and high quality training, our facility builds its athletes and clients from the inside out.

In June 2020 Robert Reichert Jr, Former MLB Strength and Conditioning coach with the Miami Marlins and Lauren Levy, Former D1 Beach and Indoor Volleyball player at the University of New Orleans, founded the facility each bringing a diverse level of expertise to the community gauged to enhance the lives of the athletes they train and work with.

Here at OCSM Sports Performance, we pride ourselves on in-depth, science based Sports Performance Training approaches to prevent injuries while developing quality routines for our athletes to adopt into their lifestyles. As we train the body, we also train their mind, routine building and develop inter-personal skill development.

While we develop routines and establish quality habits for our athletes, we encourage them to become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally by encouraging open communication between our staff, learning about their background and investing into them on a regular basis.

Our OCSM Sport Performance and Coaching Staff proudly has over 50 years of Collegiate and Professional Coaching and Competing experience. The results achieved and attained would not be possible without the OCSM Staff and their relentless mindset, determination and empathy towards our athletes and OCSM Family.

If you are new here, we welcome you with open arms into the OCSM Sports Performance Community. If you have trained with us before as a client, athlete or parent, we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to work with you and your family. It means the world to us that we have the opportunity to impact your life and be better than who we were yesterday!